Everyone, at some point in time, is going to need some form of help or another from various people. However, whenever there are certain times when the only help or advice you should only ever get, is from a specialist who is trained and very skilled in the subject matter. Two subject matters that fall into this category are legal matters and medical matters.

In the case of legal matters, more so serious legal matters where one’s freedom is at stake, such as in a criminal case, the expertise, experience and help of a criminal lawyer is critically important.

In such instances, the main role of such a criminal defense attorney would be to guide and walk you through all the necessary or possible legal proceedings that you are likely to face in your case. In places like California or Washington, or in fact in any state, finding a local lawyer who is both knowledgeable about the laws of that particular state, and perhaps just as importantly is familiar with all or many of the personnel in the justice system can go a long way in helping to take the case in a positive direction

Any local criminal defense attorney worth his or her salt should be able to display the necessary professionalism, experience and expertise and knowledge in any case. The one thing any individual needs to do, who is looking to hire a criminal defense attorney, is to look at the experience these lawyers have by looking into the history of the types of cases they have tried and successfully won, as well as lost.

One other thing to consider when deciding on the choice of a defense attorney, is to ensure that anyone you are considering is a specialist in the field similar to what you are facing. So specifically, you will want to find an attorney whose law practice handles a lot of cases related to drug offenses, kidnapping and robbery, sexual assaults and other such offenses, DUI and such.

Yet another trait that a capable criminal defense attorney should unarguably have is the ability to identify and explain your rights to you in relation to any charges that have been filed against you by the authorities. He or she also needs to be able to explain what the implications are, what the prosecution will need to do to be able to prove their case against you, as well as how any evidence they have can possibly be used against you. Basically, they should be able to tell you what you can expect if and or when the case goes to trial.

One note of warning though. You should be very wary of any lawyer who goes so far as to promise that they will obtain an acquittal for you. In fact, you should keep away from such an attorney. Reason being that the criminal justice system is extremely complex, that no one can predict what an outcome will be in any particular case.

Also, the said attorney should be able to provide you the whole range of legal services that you need to deal with the case against you. This includes covering knowledge of any and all the details of your arrest, bail posting, knowledge of key contacts in the police department as well as the prosecutors. Be sure that you are given a solid guarantee of preparation for a trial.

One thing that many criminal defense attorneys are often wont to do is to represent their client during any negotiations on a plea bargain, but would often be a no-show when the time comes for an actual court appearance