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Welcome to the law office of Conrad Joseph. Conrad has been practicing as an criminal attorney for over 20 years in the county of Queens, New York and in that time has amassed a wealth of experience as well as built a formidable network. With a solid and impressive track record of successfully handling over 300 different criminal cases, including, violent crimes, drug offenses, enterprise-level corruption, DWI and DUI, murder, computer crimes and much more. And with a solid team of 5 attorneys and para-legals, he has all the manpower to successfully defend your case. So be sure to contact us to request a no charge consultation. Our office is located in 231-24 Queens Boulevard Suite 208, Forest Hills, New York. 11375.

Primary Practice Areas

Finance Law

The partners and associates of the department deal with various matters, contentious and non-contentious, in the fields of banking and/or financial law (in the broad sense of the term), whether or not these involve litigation and including consumer credit protection and data privacy. In some instances these matters are included in the wider context of the law of obligations and contract law.

Criminal Law

When faced with a criminal investigation by state or federal law enforcement or formally accused of criminal activity by state or federal prosecutors, your reputation, professional or business life, social relationships, and your freedom may be at stake.  At such a difficult time, your first priority should be to find legal representation that will protect your rights and develop a defense strategy that is thorough, aggressive, and the most professional that it can be.

Labour Law

In this field of law, where the regulations are always being modified, we feel that it is also important to offer companies and groups a legal monitoring service, and even a social security regulation audit service to help them adapt their human resources policies and update and optimise their legal instruments (e.g. special clauses in employment contracts, salary optimisation, labour regulations, collective labour agreements, internal labour organisation regulations, visits from external occupational health and safety services).

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