Laws vary from state to state, but this article will give you an idea about an Extreme DUI.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, and your breath or blood alcohol level is above a .15 percent or a .20 percent, then you will charged with what is called an “Extreme DUI.”

Here we will explain what some of the consequences are for an Extreme DUI.

An Extreme DUI occurs when someone has a blood alcohol limit above .15 percent. You may know that .08 is the legal limit in most states for a DUI. However, some states have made tougher laws for those that are more impaired than that. The tougher laws are for people that have consumed larger amounts of alcohol, and still drive a motor vehicle.

For that they have an Extreme DUI.

An Extreme DUI is an alcohol blood level at .15 percent or greater.

If you are charged with an Extreme DUI, two significant things will happen:

  • The police will immediately impound your vehicle for 30 days and you will be unable to get your vehicle back unless you request a hearing with the police agency after 30 days.
  • The other consequence you will face is 30 days in jail. Compare that to a “regular” DUI. A regular DUI is punishable with ten days in jail, but nine of those days can be suspended if they go to alcohol counseling. Therefore, they can serve as little as one day in jail.

An Extreme DUI has much harsher penalties – the minimum jail time is 30 days. The only way the defendant can get those 30 days reduced is totally at the judge’s discretion, and only if they show proof that they have had an ignition interlock device installed.

A Super Extreme DUI is much the same. A Super Extreme DUI is a blood alcohol level above .20 percent. If you are arrested for a Super Extreme DUI, you will also get your car impounded for 30 days, and you will face harsher penalties. A Super Extreme DUI faces 45 days in jail. Once again, only some of those days can be suspended, and this is solely at the judge’s discretion, and again, only after an ignition interlock device is installed on the defendant’s vehicle.

So, you can see that the penalties for an Extreme DUI and a Super Extreme DUI are more serious than a regular DUI. If you are charged with an Extreme DUI or a Super Extreme DUI, it is imperative that you talk to an attorney to find out what your rights are, and what your defenses are for an Extreme DUI and a Super Extreme DUI case.

Arizona is one state that has the Extreme and Super Extreme DUI penalties. Nevada currently does not, but the penalties are still harsh.

For anyone who has the unfortunate experience of being arrested for DUI in the state of Nevada, the attorneys are are an excellent resource to contact to see how they can help you positively resolve the situation.

A Google search will reveal other excellent attorneys that you can contact in other states of the nation.