It is often said that one of the most stressful times in your life is when you are looking for a lawyer. Perhaps the fact that you are likely going to spend a pretty penny if you end up hiring this attorney, as lawyers are known to not be cheap. Also, it is possible that the stress you might be under might be as a result of the issue you are facing, which necessitates your needing an attorney, both of which combine to put the individual under this stress. However It doesn’t have to be as difficult or as costly as you think to find a good lawyer. Included below are some tips that could help reduce the stress of finding a lawyer as well as the potential cost of securing their services.

What do you really want?

Perhaps the very first thing you need to be certain is whether you really need a lawyer. Could it possibly be that you are jumping the gun and might not need a lawyer at all? First take some time to research whatever issue you are having, provided it is not a major issue like being charged with a crime by the police, or any other issue that can have a major negative impact on your life.

Once you do the above but still conclude that a lawyer is needed, then the next step is to write down a summary of what exactly the problem is and how you got into that situation. What happened, how did it happen, why did it happen and what is the consequence of what happened? You need to take the time to document as much information as you can, because when you begin speaking to the attorney, chances are you might forget to communicate some vital information which might be critical in positively resolving your situation.

Next take the time to write what exactly you want to get out of having this lawyer handle your case. It might be one thing, or it might be several. Again for clarity of thought and to help with remembering important things, it is always a good idea to document these things.

One other other thing you should also consider writing down is: how much can you afford to spend hiring an attorney? This might be helpful when you begin talking about the fees you are liable to pay for their services. Having that written figure in front of you when you start discussing money might motivate you to push harder for a reduction in fees. 

Where to find a lawyer

The yellow pages is often the first place most people will turn to in their search for a lawyer. By all means go ahead and consult the yellow pages. Another very advisable thing to do would be talking to friends and family first to see if they or anyone they know can recommend a good lawyer they have worked with in the past. Chances are that someone you know might have gone through the same situation as you going through now, so be sure to ask around. Lastly, there are also several places online where you can search for lawyers like the many lawyer directories available online like, or Often times, this might even be your best best, because the internet gives soc much option to chose from.

What to look for in a lawyer

Perhaps the most important thing to consider in your choice of a solicitor is the chemistry you have with them. Essentially, hiring someone whom you can work with. You could hire the best solicitor on earth, but if your personalities are not in sync with each other, then you are very likely going to have a difficult working relationship with this person, something which might jeopardize your case.

Additionally, ensure that the lawyer you seek out has the requisite experience and expertise in the specific case that you need him or her for. For instance, it would make no sense if you needed a divorce lawyer, but ended up hiring an attorney whose specialty is international law. This is almost certain to end in disaster for you if you did this.

Another critically important thing you want to do is look into this attorneys history and experience. See if you can review some of the cases he has handled which are similar to yours and see how he handled it and what the outcome was. Also, ask to speak to several of his or her past clients, so you can get a first hand account of what it is to work with the lawyer in question.

Follow these simple advice and your chances of finding a lawyer you can work with are quite high.