If ever you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of finding yourself in the sticky situation of being charged with a crime, choosing a defense attorney should be at the top of your priority list. Being faced with jail time can be scary so making sure you choose the correct person to represent you is important. No matter in which state you reside in or have been charged with the crime, you need someone that knows what they doing and that can defend you properly. The same goes for choosing a criminal defense attorney in New York.

Always ensure that you choose someone that has a good reputation and is a well known and respected law practitioner. Be sure to choose someone that regularly handles these types of cases you are accused of. This will allow him better have the necessary experience to provide a proper and efficient defense of your case. Any defense attorney needs to have the presence and confidence to be able to successfully acquit you of any crime you have not committed.

You also need to ensure that where possible, your attorney should have a reasonably high level of education. If you are a tad bit clued up on the different law schools there are, always ensure you get yourself representation from a lawyer that has attended a top school, as statistics prove that they generally have better success rates. The school does not always make the attorney so make sure you confident about the person you choosing.

Be very sure that you vet several different lawyers before you make your final choice, even if it is a court appointed lawyer. As much as possible, make sure that he or she is rather well respected lawyer among his or her peers, as this is hopefully certain to help in one way or another. It can also be be helpful to choose an attorney with as many years of experience as possible, so a good way to judge how good they might be is to look at their win:loss ratio. from prior cases. The number of years that they have been practicing generally mean that they handled more cases and been able to build a reputation for themselves.

Use a lawyer that specializes in the specific crime you have been charged with, and with regards the win:loss ration previously spoken about, as much as is possible, make sure that a significant proportion of their wins revolve around the specific criminal charges you are facing. So ensure you understand the charges and that you choose the right representation.

Do not hesitate to ask your lawyer about his success on previous cases. You need to hire someone that has proven results. It’s good to do your research. Choosing representation is like choosing freedom or failure it should not be an easy choice and should not be taken lightly. Take your time and get all the information you require before deciding on an attorney. It might be a stressful time but it’s advisable to take your time and make the right choice.  

Lawyers can be costly and this could often affect the choice you make but there is experienced legal aid lawyers that might be provided to you so always ensure that you get the right one for the job. Choosing the correct lawyer will be entrusting him or her with your life so make sure that the person has the correct resources to handle your case. Always choose the person you can trust and feel comfortable with, and confident that he or she will represent you in the best way possible.