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Metro criminal lawyer is a blog that centers around the law, the practice of law, study of law, and all other things related to law and the life of a lawyer. The main writer and founder of this blog is Conrad Joseph. He is an expert in all things law-related and shares many secrets, tips, and information. He also likes to have guest writers write for this blog. Many of the guest writers are experts in their fields and not all of them are lawyers, advocates, or other law professionals. They are sometimes people from completely different fields who offer great insight.

Conrad Joseph invites you to be a guest writer if you have unique, interesting, and relevant subject matter to share. Guest writers go through a screening process before being accepted to keep the content of high quality and relevant to our main focus. Anyone can send in a request to become a guest writer, no matter what your career. If you have something of value to add, we will consider you.

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